Time to Pfilter (Edit: Capital ‘P’)

Today’s the day I start applying myself to produce the 1 minute phone-produced-video for uni.

Ideas have been far and apart since the issuing of the task last Friday, so I thought the best place to start looking for inspiration was on the app store.

So away I went.

wavy phil.jpg
#BitCam – Photos only 😦

I’ll keep looking, but at the moment it’s looking like i’ll be deriving an idea from the content of the app, rather than having an idea and looking for apps which would make that idea a reality.

I have asked the folks over at r/askreddit for their suggestions of crazy, hidden, secret, exclusive apps which will make people go wow…

Pasty is nearly done.


Gather Round, Microphones


Yesterday was fun.

Working with my Sound Design group we plowed on with the production of the music track, set to be handed in in a month or so.

There was, up until today some turbulence regarding how we were going to tick all the creative boxes when it came to composing the live elements. I certainly felt it was unnecessary when all these sonic elements could be recreated using software.

Nevertheless we had the guitar down, having recorded several different parts of the guitar from the head of the guitar to that part of the strings near the bridge which produced that really punchy transient.

We ran what we had through effects such as: Reverb. That is all.

More to come. After guidance from Jos Hurst we are realigning our bow and gunning for the sunset.

Onwards, Nautical Engineers. No. Wait.

Onwards, Regular Audio Engineers but with a naval theme.



Oh how original. Another blog kicked off with the overused phrase ‘Hello World’, like we’re some kind of newborn deer flopping onto the forest floor, still covered in afterbirth.

An oaky afterbirth?

Kind of an oaky afterbirth.

Anyhow. This is the blog which will be tracking our progress as we continue to learn all there is about content production in this modern world.


Nothing really more to say, have a few ideas about some videos coming up.

We’ll keep you posted.

They’re forcing us to.