Sun’s out, guns out

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Today has been exceptionally nice in terms of weather so i decided to make a little something.

I’ve recently been creating lofi hip hop using Ableton, a variety of old samples and wicked cool effects. I started on this idea, creating a loop consisting of splicings of the original sample, entitled “I’ve Got You On My Mind” by Jorge Dalto and a sequenced beat of drums which I created myself from recordings of percussive sounds I’ve done such as my key turning the lock on my bedroom door. Pretty nifty right? ( ⊙‿⊙)

So yeah, I hope you like this little snippet with accompanying footage of the windowsill of my girlfriends living room, once again using that classic 8mm camera app, as if i needed to sound any more lofi!

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Marvel Heroes Supercut Edit.

For this creative media production assignment on a video remix/supercut I chose Marvel Superheroes  as my theme. This allowed me to get various action shots over a number of movies edited with three separate superhero kinds, ‘Fantastic four | X-Men | Avengers.’

So as I have grew up seeing many of the series, ages, evolutions of Marvels creations i really liked the idea of putting my three favourite into one supercut edit. Software I used to edit my clip was Final Cut Pro. Here I laid out the intro Marvel shot onto the storyline and chopped it at the final opening scene. I then added Multiple chopped clips from the Fantastic Four video using harsh cuts to keep the shots snapping from one to the other adding emphasis on fight scenes. After Fantastic four I repeated the process for X-Men and also the Avengers.

The final touch to the Supercut was choosing a suitable track to overlay the scenes.

I chose ‘Shoot the runner by Kasabian’ for this as the indie/rock style of this song fits perfectly down to its revolving beat, catchy melodies and catchy lyrics. Catchy!

Here it is :


Credits :

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Bullet proof / dodge superheros

There are many superhero movies and dramas nowadays and each super heroes have own characteristics when they confront their enemies. For this Creative Media Production assignment, I would like to do super cuts from movies and videos that heroes dodging bullet.

The reason I choose this topic is my love of superheros / SF style movie and from these movies heroes always dodge bullet (or maybe bullets are always dodging heroes).

Then, I would like to make series of scene to one video.

The first video I’ve remembered is Luke Cage since I watched Marvel Luke Cage few months ago. It was really interesting TV series that normally heroes have multiple skills and fancy suits but Marvel: Luke Cage’s distinctive feature as hero is only bullet proof. Because of that, there are several good scenes in the Luke Cage that he confront armed (by gun) enemies with bare hands.

When you are thinking about bullet scenes, you cannot help thinking about Matrix. Technically, it’s not superhero movie but still it is about future / SF / superpower. Second scene I’ve remembered is a scene from Superman Returns. In this scene, superman is literally bullet-proof from machine gun. The reason I love this scene is there’s sense of humor that enemy shoot his eye and bullet didn’t go through his eye but fell on the ground. The idea, camera angle for this scene is amazing.

Moreover, there are many TV / movies even anime including scenes heroes dodging bullets / missiles from enemies.

For the future, I plan to do same series with non-superheros but dodging bullets really well. (like Jason Borne, Jack Bauer, Tom Cruise).

For editing, I used Premiere Pro and Pro Tools. Premiere Pro is used for editing / cutting video and Pro Tools for level-match audio, and audio transitions for each videos.


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Getting Shreked

Our project was to make a remixed video which makes use of cutting up elements of video and/or audio to produce a completely different and (mostly) humorous result. My result was a mashup of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” and Smash Mouth’s “All Star”, layered over clips from Shrek, from which “All Star” is mostly known. (There was also a clip i managed to find of shrek rapping which gave me a little bonus there)

The inception for my idea came to me when i was just finishing off a track on Ableton Live one night where i was flipping between samples when i thought that this could be something I could use to my advantage (and everyone else’s chagrin), and so i combined the two arguably most renowned meme songs of recent times, and created this. I used Eminem’s acapella and Smash Mouth’s instrumental respectively. It was harder than i thought to sync the two together in terms of their respective tempos but it definitely paid dividends in the end.

I am glad to have done this and actually be part of a meme rather than a lurker. I have shown my girlfriend too many variations of “All Star” remixed by other people on the internet to even speculate on her not leaving me after seeing this.

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 00.20.00.png
warping vocals isn’t the easiest job

I simply used iMovie to put the video to the music, which i exported from ableton. I downloaded as many Shrek videos as i could find, which has left me at a bit of a crossroads in life as a man in his 20’s who’s hard drive has actual mp4’s of Shrek. I attempted as much as i could to match certain actions to the music. For example, when the line “Oh there goes gravity..” comes in, I positioned a clip at that point of Donkey flying in the air. I kept the famous Shrek intro which actually features Smash Mouth’s song; along with the “Shrek rap” video, as the main prominent part of the video. I would’ve liked to have spent a little more time trying to synchronise shrek’s mouth in the rap to make it look more like he’s doing Eminems vocals.

I hope I haven’t caused any suffering to anyone watching this video. Thank you for reading/watching!

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How ironic it is to make a blog post about how you don’t have anything to write a blog post about.

I’m watching ‘Breaking Bad: The Movie’, Something I described only seconds ago as ‘the greatest mashup of all time’

What has essentially been done is someone has made a full 2-hour feature length film consisting of parts of the series.

If you consider how much content is being cut out you realise how amazing it is that the story can still be followed, however in a more abridged sense.

Basically I already have my idea for a remix, the only thing potentially standing in my way is lethargy. I could be doing something, but no. I’m sat watching this.


More to come this week.

Filming conference about North Korea.

I’m officially filming for ‘I escaped from North Korea’.

This conference is mainly about North Korean’s life, and I’m filming this to make documentary about this event.

It is really rare opportunity to hear about NK’s life in the UK, so there are more than 600 people (actually venue’s maximum seating capacity is 600) registered for the event and many people still want to get a ticket but it’s officially sold out.

For this reason, I plan to release full version of this soon.

Before releasing that, I would like to release the film about the prepping for conference; vlog using iPhone.

I used several apps with filters such as ‘paper cam’, and some timelapse effects like ‘hyperlapse’.


Hello, now…

This is the actual video


….and this is my one and only toolbox!

| P4NC4K3S | Greg Clamp


Its the assignment hand in Eve again.

Filmed on an iPhone 5 with a surprisingly good quality finish. During the making of the 1 minute mobile video masterpiece (I wish) a fish eye lens was also used but for one shot only.

Out of all the ideas I had, I finally came to a conclusion on Tuesday 28th, – Of course everyones favourite – PANCAKE DAY! Looking through all the snapchats and tweets made me want to join in on the activities, so I did just that.

Mobile apps used : 

Video Crop – Some Shots were edited on the iPhone due to framing issues.

Video Reverse – Used on a couple of shots for aesthetic pleasure.

Other equipment :

Tripod with iPhone 5 attachment.