There are many superhero movies and dramas nowadays and each super heroes have own characteristics when they confront their enemies. For this Creative Media Production assignment, I would like to do super cuts from movies and videos that heroes dodging bullet.

The reason I choose this topic is my love of superheros / SF style movie and from these movies heroes always dodge bullet (or maybe bullets are always dodging heroes).

Then, I would like to make series of scene to one video.

The first video I’ve remembered is Luke Cage since I watched Marvel Luke Cage few months ago. It was really interesting TV series that normally heroes have multiple skills and fancy suits but Marvel: Luke Cage’s distinctive feature as hero is only bullet proof. Because of that, there are several good scenes in the Luke Cage that he confront armed (by gun) enemies with bare hands.

When you are thinking about bullet scenes, you cannot help thinking about Matrix. Technically, it’s not superhero movie but still it is about future / SF / superpower. Second scene I’ve remembered is a scene from Superman Returns. In this scene, superman is literally bullet-proof from machine gun. The reason I love this scene is there’s sense of humor that enemy shoot his eye and bullet didn’t go through his eye but fell on the ground. The idea, camera angle for this scene is amazing.

Moreover, there are many TV / movies even anime including scenes heroes dodging bullets / missiles from enemies.

For the future, I plan to do same series with non-superheros but dodging bullets really well. (like Jason Borne, Jack Bauer, Tom Cruise).

For editing, I used Premiere Pro and Pro Tools. Premiere Pro is used for editing / cutting video and Pro Tools for level-match audio, and audio transitions for each videos.


668 Zerro (2011) Equilibrium – best fight scene, Available at: (Accessed: 17th March 2017).

Dermaniac (2012) Matrix bullet time [HD], Available at: (Accessed: 17th March 2017).

Eststallion (2012) 총알을 피하는 방법, Available at: (Accessed: 17th March 2017).

Netflix US & Canada (2016) Marvel’s Luke Cage | SDCC teaser [HD] | Netflix, Available at: (Accessed: 17th March 2017).



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