My work bag

Peli 1510

I can carry-on on the plane.

For general live sound gig, I carry

  • Fluke Multimeter
    • To test power
    • To test speaker ohm in storage
  • Gaffer / Electric / Glow tapes
    • Usually company provide them but I carry mine as a backup
  • Gerber Multi Tool
    • Knife, Screwdriver, Saw
  • Ratchet & Crescent Wrench
  • Screwdriver (Insulated)
  • Audio interface (for Smaart and PC playback)
    • Room Measurement / Speaker alignment
    • Laptop Playback in high quality
  • Measurement Microphone (Beyerdynamic MM1)
  • XLR 5m
    • For measurement microphone
    • Backup XLR cable (If there’s no spare XLR Cable)
  • TRS – XLR(F)
    • To avoid phantom power of the interface to mixer output
  • XLR Gender Bender
  • SpeakOn (NL4) Barrel
    • Usually company provide them but I must have one if company doesn’t have one.
  • K&M Stereo Bar
    • For Antenna (which is wrong way of installing RF Antenna but it works)
    • Stereo mic’ing
  • LP Mic Claw
    • For hanging audience microphones on truss
  • ZOOM H4
    • PGM source recording
  • Laptop DI Box
    • For VOG Playback
  • Rat Sound Tools XLR Sniffer
    • Really good tool to test the XLR cable its end apart from each other.
  • Hard-drive
    • Copying multi track
    • Test music tracks
  • USB Stick
    • Show file
    • Waves plugin license

For musical setup, I need to bring rigging related stuff as well.

Moreover, when I work with my own band, I need to bring all the microphones as well. (Tour Package!!)

Anyway, tools are vary from people to people but my list of tools like this.


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