What’s in my work bag?

My work bag

Peli 1510

I can carry-on on the plane.

For general live sound gig, I carry

  • Fluke Multimeter
    • To test power
    • To test speaker ohm in storage
  • Gaffer / Electric / Glow tapes
    • Usually company provide them but I carry mine as a backup
  • Gerber Multi Tool
    • Knife, Screwdriver, Saw
  • Ratchet & Crescent Wrench
  • Screwdriver (Insulated)
  • Audio interface (for Smaart and PC playback)
    • Room Measurement / Speaker alignment
    • Laptop Playback in high quality
  • Measurement Microphone (Beyerdynamic MM1)
  • XLR 5m
    • For measurement microphone
    • Backup XLR cable (If there’s no spare XLR Cable)
  • TRS – XLR(F)
    • To avoid phantom power of the interface to mixer output
  • XLR Gender Bender
  • SpeakOn (NL4) Barrel
    • Usually company provide them but I must have one if company doesn’t have one.
  • K&M Stereo Bar
    • For Antenna (which is wrong way of installing RF Antenna but it works)
    • Stereo mic’ing
  • LP Mic Claw
    • For hanging audience microphones on truss
  • ZOOM H4
    • PGM source recording
  • Laptop DI Box
    • For VOG Playback
  • Rat Sound Tools XLR Sniffer
    • Really good tool to test the XLR cable its end apart from each other.
  • Hard-drive
    • Copying multi track
    • Test music tracks
  • USB Stick
    • Show file
    • Waves plugin license

For musical setup, I need to bring rigging related stuff as well.

Moreover, when I work with my own band, I need to bring all the microphones as well. (Tour Package!!)

Anyway, tools are vary from people to people but my list of tools like this.


Prep for band gig @ Academy 2

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 12.12.20 PM

I would like to show you how me to prepare for live sound event as a sound engineer especially, FOH Engineer.

  1. Technical Rider
    1. Input List
    2. Output List
    3. Sound Requirements
  2. Console Show File

First of all, for technical rider, I put FOH and Monitor requirements.

For this event, I knew the venue spec so I didn’t put any specific console, PA specs.


Stereo PA system with subwoofers

4 individual monitor wedges and drum fill

Vocal, Instrument Microphones and DIs (including 4 wireless microphone)

Cables (Besides the backline, instrument related cables)

Microphone stands and quantity

Next, I put stage plot.

It varies from the event to event.

BUT, One tip I can give you is DO NOT USE BAND MEMBER’S NAME. Sound Engineers don’t know band members’ name unless they are hired by band. Still, it is safer to put instrument / role name than band members’ name.

Lastly, In / Out list and if necessary, monitor requirements.

For this event, I use 25 inputs and 10 outputs.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 12.20.51 PM

I usually carry all microphones but for this event, I hired all microphones and DIs so my choices are limited.

The technical rider varies from band to band, event to event so there’s no wrong way or right way but those things are can be put in the general technical rider.